Jen's Personal Chef Service - Why Hire a Personal Chef?
Jen's Personal Chef Service - Creating dining experiences exclusively for you!
Why hire a personal chef?

  • Personalized: It adds that element of a personal touch, making your experience unique and special. It makes you, your family and guests feel pampered in a comfortable and private environment.

  • Creative & Flexible: It allows you to create the experience you want to have, not just what is on the menu of a near by restaurant. Your options can range from simple to elegant. They can also be tailored to your themed event such as a romantic dinner for two or a birthday party with friends. Prepared meals can be customized to meet your dietary needs and your personal tastes. Your menu choices are virtually unlimited -- from International cuisine to local favorites to your own favorite recipe or one of Jen's.

  • Time Saver: It take the stress off you to prepare and coordinate, pick up and unload groceries, and/or prepare meals. You'll have more time for fun, family or just to simply relax. And, if you don't want to hassle with the menu, you have the option to select from Jen's extensive inventory of menu selections.

  • Affordable: A personal chef does not necessarily translate into high costs. Prices are typically quite competitive with local restaurants and caterers.

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