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From My Kitchen to Yours

Kitchen Confidence

Entrée Salads: The Basics

Have you ever thought, why do salads always taste better at a restaurant?  I did for many years. I often avoidedmaking entrée salads at home when I was younger as they were just never as good. However, as the years wentby, I began to take it as a challenge.  It can't be that hard, I told myself, so I began to spend more time researching salad recipes, deconstructing my saladwhen out for dinner and learning techniques that  I could apply to making entrée salads.  The result?

Kitchen Confidence: From Failure to Successful Save

So you're frustrated because something you made didn't turn out like you thought it would?  You think you are the ONLY one that this every happens too?  Let me reassure you that you are not alone, every the most experienced chefs run into to challenges in the kitchen.
I have been baking and cooking since I was old enough to stand on a kitchen chair and reach the counter.  (I still have the vivid memory of me with my Ernie and Bert overalls standing on a chair in my mom's kitchen to reach the mixer to bake a cake.

Pesto: In Progress

In yesterday's blog I shared my recipe for Walnut, Parsley and Arugula Pesto and my basic formula for making any pesto.  Today, I experimented in the kitchen with using Manchego cheese with Basil and Pecans.  I think the result was quite delish. 
If you have not used Manchego cheese before, I recommend giving it a try.  It is one of my favorite cheeses.  Manchego is a sheep's milk cheese from the La Mancha region of Spain.  It should be aged for at least two months in the local caves.

Pesto: It's not just for basil and pine nuts anymore.

If your fridge is anything like mine, you often have extra herbs that you purchased to go in a specific recipe but you have a bunch left over afterwards.  And you say to yourself, I need to do something with these before they go bad!!!
My solution lately?  Make pesto!!!  It is great on a sandwich, as a dip with crackers or you can use it many recipes.  It is a great way to take a bland and boring grilled chicken breast to a tasty salad topper.
The basic formula is:  herb + nuts + cheese + garlic + olive oil.

Fish Tales

A few members from our local chapter of the USCPA spend a couple hours with local fish market proprietor, Richard Welton fromWelton's Seafood Marketon Laskin Road in Virginia Beach. What a fabulous time we have with Richard!  He walked us through both what to look for when purchasing seafood and fish and his personal tips on how to cook each type.
For me, being originally from the Midwest, I was especially interested in learning more about some of the local fish like rock fish.
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