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Travel Journal

A Fresh Taste brought back from Pacific Northwest: Salmon with Ginger Shiitake Glaze

So it has been awhile since I have had a chance to blog….

It has been a busy few weeks as my youngest nephew graduated from high school in Oregon.  I had an amazing week with my family while I was there.  My nephews are all going up to be awesome young men!!

Also, I always enjoy time in the kitchen with my sister, Rebecca who is an amazing cook, probably even better than I am to be honest.  We like to experiment together, which is always fun.  On this trip one of our experiments was to make the salmon with ginger shiitake glaze featured in Fine Cooking’s Cook Fresh Summer 2014 edition that I had picked up at the airport before my flight to Portland.

Dinner Out in Spanish Wells: Pineapple Fried Rice

During later part of our recent cruise in the Bahamas, we decided to venture over to Spanish Wells on the island of Eleuthera.  We had heard good things about the area, which is the fishing capital of the Bahamas.  It was not too far out of our way as we were heading to the Abacos from Nassau. 

The cruise was about 40 miles over the beautiful indigo water.  We arrived late afternoon at the Spanish Wells Yacht Haven.  After giving the Destiny a rinse down, we ventured out on our Boston Whaler, Destiny’s Child, to explore.

Asian Style Tuna Burgers

As it approaches Tuna Tournament time in Virginia Beach, I am beginning to crave some of the outrageously fresh tuna that we were lucky enough to enjoy the past few summers in Virginia Beach.

I love it just seasoned simply with salt and pepper and then seared just enough to form a nice char on each side but still rare.  However, when I have had an abundance of tuna or need to purchase it at the market, this recipe is one of my go to recipes.  It is Guy Fieri’s recipe forGrilled Tuna Burgers

Crab Stack Salad

As summer begins to heat up here in Florida and around the the country, I find myself drawn to crisp, clean salads for dinner.  One of my favorites to order out at theLynnhaven FIsh House in Virginia Beach at their Pier Cafe over looking the Chesapeake Bay is their Fresh Seafood Tower.  It has fresh local blue crab and shrimp layer between mango salsa and a cilantro lime salad with basil oil and roasted pepper coulis that make the flavors pop.  

I also love their Seashore Salad (pictured on the right) that features layers of crab and shrimp, fresh, avocado and tomato on a bed of lettuce with hard boiled eggs for garnish.

Bahamian Adventures: Lobster Salad

While in Nassau on our first Bahamas cruise, I headed off to Montague Park to secure fish for dinner for the night.  There was a light breeze today making the walk to the park a pleasant stroll.  I was after a hog snapper that the sailboat next to us had declare the best fish ever.  However, I had to settle for a whole grouper instead as it was the fish of the day.  Not a bad second choice, I thought to myself.  I waited patiently while the young Bahamian fish cleaner went about preparing my grouper for me.

Mango Salsa

.While in the Bahamas, we decide to take a late afternoon snorkel at the reef just in front of us in Waderick Wells.  It was another one of those moments where we took a step back and said, how luck are we to be able do this?  We saw quite a few fish - blue ones, yellow and black stripped, white with yellow on the top and bottom.  We experienced how they blended in with their surroundings, the white sand, the green brain coral and the purplish blue coral fans that wave back and forth with the movement of the water.

Boston: Lobstah and Scallops Fra Diavolo

Boston.  What comes to your mind when you think about this wonderful New England city?  Its rich history and the Boston Tea Party? The Red Sox and the World Series?  Newbury Street and its fine shops?Harvard, MIT or Cambridge?  Sail boats on the harbor?
Boston is a beautiful and engaging city with so much to offer.  I had the opportunity to revisit this awesome place this past week during the first leg of a girls week in New England with two of my dearest friends.

Tuscan Fall Soup - A Picture Journal

When I was in Tuscany in 2010, we made this traditional local soup with the chef at the restaurant in Petrognano.  My husband did an excellent job of capturing the recipe through photos.  I hope you enjoy this picture journal of the recipe! 
  • Start by making a vegetable stock using celery, celery carrots and onions.
  • Meanwhile, prepare onion, celery and carrot for the mirepoix. Saute mirepoix in olive oil.
  • Prepare the vegetables for the soup:  pumpkin, potato, kale and garlic.

Memories of Tuscany

 For my 40th birthday, my husband treated be to an extra special birthday present: a two week trip to Italy.  The memories of that trip are many but one of the extra special highlights was an opportunity to spend an afternoon cooking with a local chef in his restaurant kitchen and then come back later that evening to indulge in what we prepared while the hostess paired it with local wines.
It all started when we stopped for dinner at the local restaurant in our village of Petrognano with a population of 50.

Flavors of the Mediterrean

My husband and I just recently returned from a two week trip to the Mediterranean.  We were blessed to have this opportunity to celebrate our first anniversary as well as a successful business year with colleagues from Tennant on a Western Mediterranean cruise.
For me, part of each country's story is told through the local cuisine in addition to its architecture and natural environments.  The Mediterranean is a wonderful place to explore both history and cuisine.

St. Kitts: Spicing things up!

We spent a lot of just time relaxing and recharging our batteries on our St. Kitts vacation but we did take a full day catamaran cruise while we were there. We stopped to snorkel at small reef near a sunken ship on our way to the island of Nevis. 
After snorkeling,  the crew feed us a Caribbean-style local lunch featuring chicken with rice and peas, pasta salad with peppers and olives and rum cake for dessert.  It got me thinking about the spices of the Caribbean and how I really don't know a lot about them.

St. Kitts: Discovering Conch

We spent our spring break getaway week in St. Kitts in the Caribbean this year.  Having been to most of the major Mexican vacation spots over the years, it was time to switch things up a bit and explore the Caribbean, our future cruising grounds for our Hatteras.  Neither of us has been to St. Kitts so it seemed like a great choice for this year's getaway.
St Kitts and Nevis are two sister islands that neighbor Puerto Rico, Trinidad and Tobago. The islands gained their independence from Britain fairly recently, in 1983.

Acapulco Sunset Shrimp

While I was in St. Kitts last week, I decided it would be fun to blog about some the food I have enjoyed on various adventures and some recipes that I have acquired or developed along the way. 
For many years now, starting in college, I began collecting cookbooks where I traveled to help me capture the spirit of the local food and expand my own culinary repertoire.  My cookbook collection has grown into a fairly comprehensive library.  Some may even call it an addiction.
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